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I havent written anything yet but please follow :)

Been a while…

Okay so it has been a while since I have updated my blog so here it goes…

Training has been good and I went and saw Stuart my old trainer who took me to a meeting to do with Herbalife and wants me to get involved in becoming a distributer.

The meeting was actually really interesting and I can’t wait to get involved in it :)

On that day I also went to Fitx, met a lot of people, trainers, health professionals, body builders, people that I have been talking to on facebook.  It was such a great day :)

My youngest son Aiden has been sick a lot lately and so on Sunday I took him to the hospital. Aiden has hydrocephalus and so far has had 3 brain surgeries. He just went for his fourth, we are still in hospital atm. We get to go home tomorrow as he is recovering well.

I am looking forward to going home :)

I haven’t trained in a week and it’s going to be at least a couple of weeks before I can go back to training.

I just hope that my son doesn’t have any more “episodes” and that this surgery fixed the problem….till next time :)

hey, i read that you joined to the fitocracy. i wanna join too, what should i do? thanks


send me your email and i can send you an invite :)

been a few days

So it’s been a few days since I have checked in so here it goes..

i gave the 5km a go, but it was done in miles so i had to calculate it, but pretty sure it was 34 minutes. I am going to do a 5km run on the 17th of this month, on dirt rather then a treadmill so we will see how we go with that one.

Been having my training sessions, pushing hard. Evan had a little talk with me the other day about my nutrition, injuries and my training… basically told me to grow up. With everything he said he was right.. so on Friday night i spent a few hours planning out my meal plan for the week. I have cut out all the junk i have been eating including bread, cheese and coffee. So tomorrow (Monday) is the first day of this meal plan.. Should be interesting to see how my body reacts without the coffee and everything else. just have to ride it out :)

I joined this web page called fitocracy, it’s pretty fun. You do exercise and get points for it and do certain challenges. Makes me want to work out more…

Yesterday (Saturday) i went to a group training session, did boxing, a circuit and crunches, and today… there is not a single muscle in my body that isn’t killing me right now…

it’s a good thing though, means i REALLY worked those muscles.

So today i made my meals for the week, so no excuses!


So this morning i woke up with a sore leg, I’m not sure if I pulled a hamstring or what… but it hurts.

Yesterday I posted the “my transformation” picture on facebook and got so many “likes” and comments on it, i was shocked to how many people responded to it. One person was from AWA that sent me some clothes, supps, and other stuff which was awesome. Got to wear the singlet today during my gym session.

I showed Evan the picture of “my transformation” this morning, and his response was ….”wow”

glad i can have that affect on people lol

So today I went to my pt session with evan, got to do some boxing, and the usual circuit that I do and then i went to the spin class. I’m really loving these spin classes, i never want to miss a session! :)

Evan said that I did a good job today, that I’m getting better each time. It’s good to get that recognition, and it keeps me going harder and stronger :)

I plan on going for a run tomorrow at the gym, to do 5km. I will post my results tomorrow! NO EXCUSES!

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AWESOME!  This is very motivating for others too, keep up the great work, you’re obviously doin awesome!!! :D

congrats! keep at it


cheers xxx

Decided to put my photos together of my transformation so far and wow is this motivation to keep going!

Decided to put my photos together of my transformation so far and wow is this motivation to keep going!